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2021 Complete Guide to Marketing Automation

Learn what workflows you CAN and NEED to automate to bring in more leads, save time, and scale your business. 
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marketing automation

By The End of This Course You'll Know How To:

Convert Lost Leads Into Closed Sales

Understand the best, low-cost ways to capture warm leads, and retarget these prospects long after they've left your website.

Scale Your Operations

On the back of better marketing, learn how to prepare your business for increased sales and how to scale sustainably. 

Create Successful Drip Campaigns

Get a step-by-step guide as to what your email sequences should look like, how to increase their effectiveness, and what to include in your copy.

Supercharge Your Ad Campaigns

Understand how to leverage Facebook to avoid retargeting customers who have already bought from you, and keep track of key prospects' progress through the sales funnel. 

What Do You Get From This Course?

Higher Conversion Rates

Get a detailed guide on how to capture leads, and the best ways to follow up with these qualified prospects in a way that triggers repeat sales.

Proven-Effective Templates

Access our videos to understand what your email sequences should look like, how long they should last, where you're going wrong right now, and how you can fix it.

Better ROI

Learn our TOP HACKS that allow you to decrease wasted ad spend, retarget key markets more effectively, and acquire more customers for less.

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Why Choose Digital Academy's Course?


Not sure how to apply vague marketing principles to your highly specific, highly-targeted campaigns? We get it. That's why all our courses include in-depth examples, cover multiple use cases, and illustrate expert marketing data and knowledge using video tutorials and screen recordings.

Forget untested theories and wildcard guesses - instead, hear from an expert who has run hundreds of campaigns over the course of 12 years and across 60 clients!

At the end of each course, walk away with tangible, concrete lessons that you can easily institute over the course of days. Then sit back and see the results of your optimized marketing strategies in < 1 month.

BONUS: Facebook Ads Bootcamp Workshop

Get the comprehensive guide on everything from how to set up a Facebook advertising campaign, to what content to include in your marketing materials, to the use of Facebook Pixels to maximize your spend.
Learn how to capture a treasure trove of data from your prospects, and how to use this information to better understand - and better sell to! - your customer base.
See examples of engaging, high-value content that attracts organic traffic and qualified leads with minimal spend on your part. 
Gain an understanding of useful, often-overlooked softwares you should leverage to retarget prospects across email, SMS, and other mediums.

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"The impact on our lead flow and close rate has been incredible. Thanks to these courses, we're closing NINE out of every TEN leads we get now." 

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"Thanks to Digital Academy, I now get optimal returns on my marketing effort. Their courses are an essential resource for me and any business looking to increase their profit margins."

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Here's a breakdown of the content you can expect from this training:

Video 1: Marketing Automation And How To Use It To Trigger Conversions
Video 2: 7 Marketing Automation Workflows You Need To Have In Your Marketing
Video 3: How To Set-Up Drip Campaigns And Email Automation
Video 4: Setting Up 2 Stage Facebook Ads To Supercharge Marketing Automation
Video 5: What Working With A Marketing Automation Agency Should Do For You

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About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Jason - a marketing specialist and owner of the agency Levelling Up. 

You're probably here because you want to increase your online sales in some way, but you're facing roadblocks. 

Luckily, that's what I've spent the past 12 years of my life doing: helping business owners and entrepreneurs dismantle those roadblocks to success.

And I'm confident I can help you too. Each one of these courses is designed to optimize a certain piece of your marketing strategy or sales funnel, covering everything from SEO to content creation to marketing automation. 

So if you're looking to generate passive income and sustainably scale your business on an expedited timeline - you're in the right place! I'm so happy to have you here.

Jason Drohn

Get answers to all your burning questions!

Are all elements of the course in video format?

Yes! For every part of the course there is an accompanying video. 

We encourage you to have your laptop on standby - since we guide you through using specific platforms, tools, and services, these will be quicker to grasp when you follow along with us.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Each course varies in length, but the average time runs around 3 hours of video content. You can take as long as you like though, since this is a self-taught course - you can complete it at your own pace.

How long will I have access to this course?

Forever! You can revisit all your purchased courses at any point.

Do I need any experience or certifications to understand a course?

No. All our courses are beginner friendly. We start with foundational concepts, strategies, and softwares that will help your business - and then progress on to more sophisticated materials. 


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