Building your very first website is an awesome thing – and challenging.  Not only will you be learning about new ‘tech’ stuff like domain names, web hosting, content and marketing…

You’ll also have an entire universe open to you in terms of selling products and services online and exposing your brand and your authority to the world!

Now, a bit about this guide…

Over the course of the next 7 or so articles, we’ll be revealing the process to setting up your own website, from beginning to end.

We’ll be using WordPress, which is the industry leader in terms of Content Management Systems (or CMS’s) and blogging software because it’s both free and very well supported.

Most of the big blogs that you read – they’re built on WordPress.  The huge company sites?  WordPress.  In fact, it’s been reported that as much as 12% of the Internet runs on WordPress!

There are thousands of free themes and plugins that’ll help you extend the functionality of your website and let you do what you need it to do.

Plus, there are paid extensions like Premium Themes and Premium Plugins that deliver even more functionality!

And, if you follow this tutorial until the very end, you’ll have your entire site set up and publicly available…  Ready to welcome your new audience in with open arms!

How To Build A Website Or A Blog From Scratch

The guide will walk you through setting up a your own website, on your own web hosting, without paying a designer or developer tons of money to get the job done!

You’ll own your content, your domain, and everything else…  Plus, you’ll be able to change your pages on the fly and add content whenever you want!

Not to mention, by following this tutorial, you’ll be set up perfectly for Curately, and you won’t need to worry about staring at a blank screen any more!

Now, there are a few things that you’ll need to set up a website… These items are explained in more depth in the next few sections…

3 Necessary Components

There are 3 essential pieces to setting up your own website, right off the bat:

  • Your own domain name
  • Your own web hosting
  • WordPress (the software that makes the site work…)

Your domain name and web hosting is a few bucks.  WordPress is free.  All that’s left is clicking the buttons and setting everything up!

Moving Forward

Before we get rocking on finding your own domain name, it’s important to point a few things out.

First, your website is your gateway to the world.

Once your website goes live, anyone can find it.  That’s NOT to say that anyone will, though.  Every single day, millions of websites go online.  And millions of websites go offline!

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that anyone will visit.  You need to give them a reason to!

There are lots of hacks and strategies out there on getting free content, and that’s fine.  I’ve gotten millions of visitors to my site for free, and sold lots and lots of products and services to those visitors.  Just know that every visit should be engineered.

When someone shows up to your website, they should be greeted and introduced to you through your content.  They should feel like they know you, without you ever talking to them…

If you’re selling something, like a product or a service, or an affiliate product, they should be put in a position to discover it!

Your content does that.  Your blog posts.  Your landing pages.  Your reports.  Your videos.

Converting your cold traffic to warm buyers is a process – an art form – and it’s important to understand the bigger implications of your website, so you don’t spin your wheels and have to redo it every few weeks…

Ask yourself a few questions…

  • What do you want visitors to do?
  • How are you planning on making money from your website?
  • Why are you publishing content online?
  • How are you introducing your products and services?
  • And finally – are you allowing people to ‘escalate themselves’ through your website?

We’ll talk more about that in future articles.  Next though, we need to find you a good domain name…