Alright – now we have it!

In the WordPress setup tutorial, you learned how to set up WordPress to get track your visitors, get you free traffic, and display using the default WordPress theme…

Today, it’s time to add your first post!

As a Curately member, you’ve already got all of the content you need at your fingertips.  We’ll walk through some different ways to use Curately in a seperate tutorial…

To start, let’s go to:  Posts >> All Posts.

Delete Hello World Post

The first thing we need to do is delete the Hello World post that’s added by default.

Hit ‘Trash’.

Add Your First Post

Now, we’re going to add our first post…

Add Article

On this page, we’re going to look at 6 different sections.  This is the most important part of this guide…

  1. Article Title
  2. Article Content
  3. SEO Settings
  4. Tags
  5. Categories
  6. Media (Images and such)
  7. Publish..

Looking at the screen, you’ll be working in a counter-clockwise motion.  It’s how I add articles – that way I don’t miss anything.


One very important part of this screen that we use all the time is the Formatting Features.  There are times when you have to bold and italicize keyword phrases, add affiliate links and make subheadlines.

The following will walk you around the features:

  1. Bold
  2. Italicize
  3. Add a link (lights up when you’ve selected text)
  4. Reveal second menu (you have to hit this to reveal the Heading field, so you can make subheadlines)
  5. Format dropdown

In the next few screenshots, we’ll be using these…

Write Article

Now, it’s time to write your first article!

Format Your Article

Now, we’re going to format it.  Mess around with some of the settings to change the appearance…  It’s just like using Microsoft Word.

  • Bold it
  • Italicize it
  • Link it to the home page

So, we’re going to highlight it (as shown below) and then hit the B (for bold), the I (for italicize) and the chain link (to create a link).

When we hit the chain link to create a link, a second window appears.  That’s in the next image.

Create A Link

In this window, we’re going to paste our link in the URL section, and then give it a name in the Title section.

  1. URL: This is wherever we want to link TO – meaning it can be another post on your site, the home page, or an affiliate link.
  2. Title: In the title section, type in the linking text you want to use… In the below example, we’ve got ‘Awesome Grades.’
  3. Then, click the Add Link button.


The way I see Tags, it’s another way of getting your keywords on the page and a less concrete way of classifying your content (less concrete than categories, at least!).

So, what I do is simply copy the Keywords from the All In One SEO Pack settings over to the Tags section on the right…

Then, hit ‘Add’


Alright, our SEO info is set.  Our Tags are set.  Now, let’s set up the category.

For every article, I create a category that matches the general idea of the post…

In this example, it’s Awesome Grades.  For you, it might be “News and Events” or “Training” or some other category in your writing…

Check The New Category

Below, is what you’re going to see after hitting ‘Add New Category’.

Just make sure it’s checked.

Add Media

No post is complete without an image…  Plus, images are a great opportunity for engaging and capturing interest.

So, click the ‘Add Media’ button and a new window is going to pop up.

Select Image File

Now, it’s time to select an image file from your computer.

Hit the ‘Select Files’ button in the center of the screen.

Browse For Image

Now, browse your computer for your image and click ‘Choose’.

Image Added!

Now, your image uploads to your computer!  Congrats!

We’ve got a few more settings before we can put it in your post though…

Image Optimization

There are 7 settings things you need to watch on this screen:

  1. Image Title: Use your primary keyword here
  2. Caption:  Use your primary keyword here
  3. Alt Text: Use your primary keyword here
  4. Alignment: Right (preferable)
  5. Link To: Media File (it creates another page for Google to index)
  6. Size: Something between 180 pixels and 300 pixels wide is preferable (the first number is how wide the image is…)
  7. Then, hit ‘Insert’

After you hit insert, it’ll put it in your post!

Image Placed

Boom!  Your image is in your post!


Now, all that’s left is to publish your article!

So hit ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ – whichever one is there…

View Post

Let’s check your work!!

Hit the ‘View Post’ button…


Check it out!  There’s your post, viewable to the world!

Pretty soon, you’ll be crushing the search engines with it…

Add The Rest!

Now, go back and add some more articles!

Up Next…

Now that you’ve successfully built your website and added your first article, it’s important to keep writing…

Keep up your posting frequency and continue building your audience.  We’ve got some future training that’ll help get traffic, build and email list, and ultimately get you paid through product sales and ad networks!

And, if you’re not a member of Curately yet – join here!

Up next, we’re going to be talking about making money from the pages of your site, as well as building a list from your blog…

And, we’re going to show you a way to jumpstart your traffic through ‘native advertising!’

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