In the last step, we talked about picking the right domain name

And, now that you have an idea of what your domain name will be (PCnames isn’t always right), it’s time to get it set up with hosting.

The easiest way to do this if it’s your first time is to set it up in one shot…  That ensures that your domain name is pointing to your web host so you can get started quickly.

Go to Hostgator to get started…

Then, click on the ‘Web Hosting’ link in the navigation.

Select Your Web Hosting

Now, select your web hosting plan.

You’re going to want the ‘Baby’ plan so you can put as many domains on the same hosting as you want.

If you choose the Hatchling plan, you can only put a single website on the host.

Register Your Domain Name

Next, enter your domain name into the box for ‘Register A New Domain’.

If you’ve got a domain registered somewhere else, enter it into the box on the right – the one that says ‘I Currently Have A Domain Name.’

Get Signed Up

Fill out all the required information:

  1. Your username
  2. Your security pin
  3. Your billing information

Don’t worry about the extras below the billing information field.

Review And Click

Review your order and click the ‘Create Account’ button.


Hostgator will try to sell you something else – don’t worry whatever they show you.  You don’t need it.

After a few minutes, you’ll get your USERNAME and PASSWORD for your web hosting account through email.

Click the link provided in the email, enter your username and password, and you’ll see your CPanel Hosting page.  That’s where we’re going to set up WordPress in the next step.


Now, you should be looking at something similar to what I’ve got below.

It’s called CPanel (or Control Panel) for Hostgator.  It’s where we do a number of things related to your web server.

There are really only 2 times you’ll ever be in here though.  The first, to set up WordPress initially.  The second is to add a new domain (so you can host a second, third or more sites…)

(Optional) Add-on Domains

(I’m pointing this out because we’re here…)

If you’re planning on using this server for domains you’ve already purchased, scroll down to the domains section and select ‘Addon Domains.’

(Optional) Add-on Domain Setup

All you have to do on this screen is fill out your domain info:

  1. Fill in your domain name
  2. Your Subdomain will auto-populate
  3. Your Document Root will auto-populate
  4. Fill in your password
  5. Enter your password again
  6. Hit ‘Add Domain’

That’s it!  Of course, where ever you’re domain is registered, you have to change the nameservers to HostGator’s NS1 and NS2 server…

Setting Up WordPress

Close to the bottom of your CPanel page, there is a button titled Fantastico.

Click it.

Inside Fantastico

Now, click on WordPress on the left.

New Installation

Now, hit ‘New Installation.’

Site Settings

Enter the details of your WordPress installation:

  1. Install on Domain – If you’ve only got one domain set up on this server, then you don’t have to choose anything.  It’s already picked.  If you’ve got a few domains set up, then, you’ll have to select it from the dropdown list.
  2. Install in Directory – Leave this blank if you want WordPress to install on your home page (recommended).  If you want to install WordPress in a directory, like /blog/ then enter ‘blog’ in this field (not recommended).
  3. Enter your admin account username.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Admin Nickname – Your first name or your pen-name
  6. Admin E-mail – Your email address
  7. Site Name – The name of your site (Your primary keyword phrase)
  8. Description – A short description of your site, with your primary keyword phrase in it.
  9. Click ‘Install WordPress’

That’s it!  Now, the server will set up WordPress for you!

Finish Installation

Click the finish installation button…

You’re LIVE!

Your site is live!  Congratulations!!

On this page, there is some important info you might want to write down.

Your username, password, and WordPress Administration link being the 3 main pieces.

You’ll also have an email with this information, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

After you write your info down, click the ‘Back To WordPress Overview’.

You’re officially done!!!  No more working in CPanel unless you need to change something!

Check Out Your Site!

Now, go to a web browser and type in your domain name…  The one we registered a little bit ago.

It’s LIVE!  Check it out!

It’s a little bare, but it’s there :0)

We’ll fix that in the next section.

(NOTE: It might take a few minutes while the Internet sorts itself out.  Sometimes it’ll take a bit for the domain name and the web server to sync up!)

Next Step…

Now that our site is live, it’s time to set it up and make it WORK FOR US!

After all, it’s not good enough to just have a blank site up there on the Internet…  We need to make it look pretty and start adding content to it!

In the next step, we’ll get into setting your site up the right way the first time, as well as adding new content and posts to it!

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